What is a silent ring really like?


Article Summary

This article describes the experience of installing a quiet ring on a keyboard to quiet the keyboard operation. Keyboard noise is not bothersome to the person who is tapping the keys, but it can be loud to those around you. Sound etiquette is important at work and with family members.

Intended audience.

  • People who work from home in their living room
  • Those who use mechanical keyboards at work
  • Anyone who uses a mechanical keyboard.

Products purchased

Here is the product we are going to introduce. Here, we will share what we have learned from the actual installation.

What we found out after using the product

  • The sound of key tapping seems to be less resonant.
  • It takes about 40 minutes to an hour to fit the rings on all the keyboards.

To be honest, it is not a drastic change, but the sound is quieter than before the installation.


  • The sound when pressing the keyboard becomes quieter.
  • The amount of pressing is reduced, so the load on the fingers can be reduced.


  • The keyboard does not respond well.
  • Duplicate keystrokes may be inputted like a double-click.
  • The key feel changes.
  • Not very quiet for those who press down hard.
  • The process of attaching it to all the keys is maddeningly dull.

I asked about this in reference to a blog post about using two rings stacked on top of each other, but I don’t recommend it because of the frequent stories like the one described in the disadvantages.


We have found that attaching a post-installed silent ring to a keyboard is not very effective. If you are concerned about sound, it is better to use a quiet model keyboard. If you are particular about your keyboard, you should be careful, because the keyboard’s typing feel will change after the ring is installed.

However, the silent ring itself is inexpensive, so those who are concerned about sound should consider installing one. It is surprisingly good to use.

This was my first article, but I hope you all enjoyed it.